“But can this make us any real money?”

Our initial pilot station in California (middle sized market) closed an $84,000 annual buy of “Rockbook,” with only 15-second sponsor ID’s at the end of each feature. We're proud to say the client just signed up for a second year for a total of $168,000.  So the answer is YES! And we provide you with the tools you need to sell it. Just give us the word and we’ll cut demos for the sales team, including station intros, sample stories, a few seconds of the song, and then the sponsor outro using your “spec” client name.

“It sounds good, but I can’t afford to pay a lot for


We understand… so for an introductory period, you can
have “Rockbook” on your stations on a revenue-share agreement. Your investment is just 10% of the gross for which you sell it on an annual basis.



You control the way you use this unique, new firepower that will make library-based music formats fresh and totally special.


Rockbook vignettes will be delivered at a rate of 25 new featurettes per month on a virtual never-ending stream of compelling new (and sellable) content. After every possible title has been covered, second and third "story" elements will be delivered keep the listener engaged.
You have a number of delivery options as well including:
  • We can provide just the written scripts if you choose to have it locally produced, or even done live
  • We can provide customized intro/outro for each station (station name, slogan, etc.), leaving ending open for you to add sponsor mention and plug line (or adjacent spot if you sell it that way)


One thing is for sure:
These featurettes are listener compelling and advertiser saleable!



  • You can record your own intro/outro as you seefit, and we can provide just the story-telling, both pre-song and post (tag)'

    On the first three options above, the deliverables will include the entire song inside the package, as we integrate the song intro into the story-telling for dramatic purposes.  

    *Note that there would be some production costs if the sponsor ID/tag lines were to be changed.


Delivery Options


  • Sprinkled throughout your broadcast day as day-part highlighters
  • They could be featured in special daily features like “The Five O’clock Rockbook”
    to enhance your key hours of the day

  • Or the vignettes can be grouped together to make weekend specials.